About Me

Photography and Technology Enthusiast. 
Computer and Network Engineer. 
Cryptocurrency Advocate.

Hello, I am Keashav Chawla. I started this blog back in Feb 2012 just out of the simple passion to show case my work to the big wide world out there. 

I would love to take random pictures with my Nokia N79, which is when I found myself in the midst of parental support and friendly praises. I carried on with this little found passion of mine and got a Canon A800 as a present in Oct 2011. 

I loved this new toy of mine and tried out many techniques which were not natively possible on that point n shoot, such as ti
me lapse and long exposures. Started saving up some money to get myself a decent DSLR, which finally happened with the help of my parents in Dec 2012.

A brand new Canon 600D body along with a 50mm prime threw me up on cloud 9 for days to come. I would just leave my house in the morning and stroll around the city with no certain place to go and just click pictures. Soon I would leave for studying overseas and my hectic schedule and increased responsibilities started to hinder with the time I used to give to photography.

Today, I would still take out my camera and try to take some pictures around the house and backyard. While phone photography becomes more powerful and convenient, the power one gets with a DSLR is still unmatched. 

Hope you like the pictures, and feel free to contact me via email at keashav7@gmail.com

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